ESLC presents climate change series

The Easton-based Eastern Shore Land Conservancy will host Solutions for a Changing Delmarva, a four-part virtual workshop series beginning Jan. 12 and designed to inform and engage the Delmarva community about climate issues that impact the region.

EASTON — Eastern Shore Land Conservancy has unveiled Solutions for a Changing Delmarva, a four-part virtual workshop series designed to inform and engage the Delmarva community about climate issues that impact the region.

The series will kick off at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 12.

The workshops via Zoom will feature presentations from environmental experts who will provide different views and ideas about community-driven solutions to protect the environment, and the value those solutions create for citizens and the places where they live.

The content of the workshops will cover areas that are at the core of ESLC’s Delmarva Oasis initiative which seeks to permanently protect 50% of the Delmarva Peninsula’s landscape from development and natural threats, while increasing public access to open space and waterways, and enhancing the quality of life of people and species across the region.

The purpose of this project is to directly engage public and private audiences in order to build regional public support for climate adaptation solutions. The Eastern Shore of Maryland is the country’s third most vulnerable region to sea level rise, behind south Florida and Louisiana. Because of the threats of increased flooding, the loss of properties and widespread ecological impacts, ESLC is working with communities to take action on these threats today.

The first workshop, An Introduction to a Changing Delmarva, will inform participants about the importance of protecting the Shore’s vulnerable environments and provide a high-level overview of the environmental impacts sea level rise will cause in our communities.

The second workshop, Carbon Sequestration on Delmarva, will explore how protecting forests, wetlands and agricultural lands can improve the land’s ability to store carbon.

The third workshop, Natural Solutions to Protect Our Communities, will discuss how nature-based solutions can protect Delmarva communities while improving local ecosystems.

The final workshop, How You Can Make An Impact In Your Community, will provide Delmarva residents with tools to combat climate change and build resilience in their communities.

Each workshop will be followed by an engagement activity that is designed to establish a personal connection to each topic. Each activity will be broadcasted over social media channels in the hope that ESLC can provide school and college-aged students, teachers and Delmarva residents with fun opportunities to learn how sea level rise and climate change affects their community. ESLC will award prizes to the most unique and well-thought-out projects.

This entire series is free to the public thanks to ESLC’s partnership with the Rauch Foundation.

Visit to register.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit land conservation organization committed to preserving and sustaining the vibrant communities of the Eastern Shore and the lands and waters that connect them.

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