PRESTON — For All Seasons staff Beth Anne Langrell, CEO, and Lesa Lee, chief clinical officer, are offering four virtual sessions for Mental Health Month on self-care for employees of Choptank Transport. The business reached out to For All Seasons to offer programming to its staff about strategies for self-care — a concern of many during these unprecedented times.

“2020 showed us just how important stress management is as we continue to grow and adapt to an uncertain landscape. With so many new stressors impacting our folks, Choptank knew we had an opportunity to provide support. We are going to get through this together. As we look to the future, we want to address real-time problems with real-time solutions and resources. For All Seasons is a natural fit for our mission because they have an already established local presence and can give the tools, education, and resources needed to our teammates spread across the U.S.,” said Doug Mayorga, Choptank Transport.

The kick-off presentation was a 30-minute Zoom call and included 12 people. The presentation covered paying attention to when people experience guilt for doing self-care and stressed that people should not feel guilty for taking time for themselves. The next three sessions will cover setting boundaries and expectations for ourselves; strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and burnout; and the stressors associated with parents working during the pandemic and holding it all together for their families.

“This presentation model can be adapted and tailored to meet the needs of individual businesses. We have offered similar presentations in the community, including recently at Chesapeake College, where we explored with staff how COVID has been affecting them. Topics included making connections, how to stay healthy under stress, managing anxiety and giving ourselves permission to know this is a different time and it is not abnormal to feel different,” said Langrell.

To request a presentation for your business or organization, contact Langrell at

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