Alison Crockett

EASTON — Chesapeake Music announced its Summer Jazz Concert with vocalist and pianist Alison Crockett on Aug. 7, 2021, in its new home and recently renovated Ebenezer Theatre at 17 South Washington St. in Easton.

Crockett will be performing her “Echoes of an Era” show highlighting music from Chaka Khan, Chick Corea and the “American Songbook.”

“We are very excited to be in our new home, the Ebenzer Theatre,’’ says Don Buxton, executive director of Chesapeake Music. “And thrilled with its recent renovation by Bluepoint Hospitality including state of the art audio/visual equipment. I have no doubt that our 180-seat concert venue will provide a true intimacy between Crockett and her audience.”

A multi-talented singer, songwriter and pianist, Crockett developed her formidable jazz chops from Temple University in Philadelphia while gigging with stalwarts Orrin Evans, Matt Parish and Mike Boone.

Later, after moving to New York City to pursue her master’s at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, she was introduced to the vibrant music scene by fronting hip-hop jazz pioneer Greg Osby’s band.

“I consider myself a musician who comes out of the jazz tradition, the black music tradition where jazz people take established forms and reimagine them in new and different ways,” she says, eschewing strict genre categorizations for herself and her responsive, ever-evolving artistry. To learn more about Crockett, read her complete bio at https://www.alisoncrockett.net/bio/.

Based in Easton, Chesapeake Music is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring renowned jazz and classical musicians to delight, engage and surprise today’s audiences, and educate, inspire and develop tomorrow’s. They’ve been doing it for 35 years! To learn more about Chesapeake Music, visit their website at https://chesapeakemusic.org/.

The concert begins at 8:00 P.M. Tickets are available at https://chesapeakemusic.org/.

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