CAMBRIDGE — Dorchester County citizens are organizing relief efforts for residents of a sister county hard hit by Hurricane Laura.

Efforts are being put together by people involved in the annual National Outdoor Show, a staple Dorchester County event that maintains a healthy connection and friendly rivalry with a similar event located in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Cameron Parish is located on the Gulf Coast directly where the recent hurricane made landfall and did significant damage.

Outdoor Show President Buddy Oberender said the organization is preparing an initial shipment that includes materials for storage sheds and storage containers. He said the goal for the first shipment of sheds is 20 prefabricated shed kits.

Oberender said communication with Cameron residents has been difficult due to limited cellular and electricity service, but the materials being sent have been requested.

Outdoor Show Vice President Tommy Spicer will take the materials to Cameron in his Chesapeake Wood Products tractor trailer. The NOS sent two similar shipments of pre-fabricated shed materials during the initial relief effort following the hurricane.

Former National Outdoors Show Miss Outdoors and reigning muskrat skinning champ Dakota Abbott Flowers is raising money for the relief effort on a GoFundMe page. Flowers, who won the National Outdoor Show pageant in 2008, and the women’s skinning crown every year but one since 2014, said, “I know any one of those families down Cameron would do the same for us.”

Donations of items can be made at Old Salty’s, Pritchett’s Store, Clayton’s Pharmacy and Maiden Maryland. Items being requested are extension cords, gas cans, clean up tools, pet food, trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper, buckets, plastic storage binds, canned goods, bleach, soaps, clothesline, clothes pins and other items used during daily life.

“Whatever we do is going directly to the people,” Oberender said.

Donation checks can be sent to the National Outdoor Foundation, P.O. Box 42, Cambridge, MD 21613.

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