Londonderry on the Tred Avon supports local farmers

Londonderry on the Tred Avon works with residents to maintain and improve their wellness through proper nutrition. Londonderry sources produce and seafood from local farms and watermen and also hosts farmers markets on campus for residents.

EASTON — Londonderry on the Tred Avon promotes wellness of mind and body through all of its programs and activities. Maintaining and improving one’s wellness is a critical part of healthy aging, with proper nutrition playing a critical role.

Under the leadership of Londonderry’s Director of Dining, Chelsea Coombs, Londonderry has made a commitment to educating residents about the importance of proper nutrition and healthy and balanced eating. Coombs’ mantra, “if you eat well, you feel well,” guides all aspects of the culinary operations of the community.

“It has been a joy working with our residents to add more fresh and seasonal ingredients into their diets,” Coombs said. “On the whole, they have embraced the changes as we have reimagined their favorite dishes in a healthier way on our menus and made local produce more accessible.”

A key part of this change has been working with local farmers to supply the produce and seafood used in the Londonderry kitchen.

“I am passionate about preparing freshest food possible for our residents,” Coombs added. “The best way to do that is to partner with local farmers and watermen to stock our shelves. It is also important to me that we support the suppliers here in our own community, especially during these challenging times.”

In addition to utilizing local produce on the Londonderry menu, Coombs also introduced a farmer’s market on the Londonderry campus last year to give residents easy access to fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs for their own kitchens. These were very popular last summer, and the team has worked hard to bring them back later this month with appropriate social distancing and mask requirements in place.

“I am so looking forward to this summer’s Farmer’s Markets,” Londonderry Resident Helen Pritchett said. “Chelsea does a wonderful job of selecting great produce, and it is always a joy to safely bring the community together, especially during this time on separation.”

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