Dog reunited with owner

Bleu is reunited with his owner after being missing since November 2019.

CAMBRIDGE — It’s a long-road home sometimes, about 83 miles and several bodies of water in between in this case. Bleu was first reported missing from Bucktown in Dorchester County in November 2019. Wednesday, April 14, he was reunited with his family.

According to the Howard County Animal Control and Adoption Center in Columbia, Bleu, who is 10-years-old and partially blind, was believed to have been taken from his family’s 1,200 acre farm. He was microchipped, but even though his owners involved a tracking team to help locate him, they were unable to find him. Until now.

Animal Control found Bleu as a stray on April 14 and scanned the dog. His owner drove to the shelter right away.

But where was Bleu for the last year? The animal control and adoption center found a similar missing dog post when they were tracking down Bleu’s owner. This dog too matched Bleu’s description. When the shelter spoke with that dog’s owner they were able to confirm she too was missing Bleu.

The woman, who is not on social media, found the dog wandering seaside, very dirty and looking like a stray. Fishermen told her he had been there for days. The woman told the shelter she had taken him to the vet, but for unknown reasons the dog was not scanned for a microchip. Bleu had been well taken care of and was living in Laurel before his latest adventure.

Although the shelter did not share the name of the original owner or the woman who was taking care of Bleu, they said she was sad she would never see him again. It was divine intervention that helped Bleu get home, wrote a spokesperson for the shelter.

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