EASTON — At the beginning of November, church leaders handed out heavy-duty shopping bags to the congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Easton. On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, members returned the bags full of all the ingredients needed to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Darlene Fahrman supervised the annual program, and anyone who cannot shop for all the items could donate the dollar amount to her, and she shopped for them.

The bags can hold more than 30 pounds of ingredients, and the fixings are worth $30 or more: Cranberry sauce, onions or onion flakes, yams, canned vegetables, carrots, apples, celery, potatoes, turkey gravy, canned pumpkin, condensed milk, a pound of sugar, pie crust mix and fresh produce

Members filled bags donated by the Talbot County Department of Social Services or Giant Foods of Easton.

During the offertory when Pastor Richard “Duke” Dixon asked for gifts and tithes, parishioners carried the bags forward.

“I love this Sunday,” Dixon said. “I love watching everybody bringing all these bags down. It is certainly in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Holy cow! It is glorious to see and to recognize how much God has blessed us in wanting to help others, so thank you for all who give.”

Church members filled 91 bags that provided a full-course Thanksgiving dinner for families in the county. On Monday morning, Nov. 25, DSS staff picked up the bags and added a turkey to each. Giant Foods donated a variety of frozen pies as well.

Presbyterian Church of Easton is located at 617 N. Washington St. For more information, call 410-822-3324, email pceaston@goeaston.net or visit pceaston.com.

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