Shore Shakespeare casting for fall performance

For those not familiar with this tradition of the theatre, a ghost light is a single lamp left burning on the stage when the rest of the theatre is dark. It is a reminder that, while the building may be closed, theatre itself is never dark. The players will return. The lights will come up again. The show will go on.

EASTON — Last fall, Shore Shakespeare Company chose “The Merry Wives of Windsor” for its 2020 tour production, directed by Nita Wieczoreck.

“Merry Wives” follows the further adventures of Sir John Falstaff, as he attempts to swindle and seduce the good matrons of Windsor, and is himself swindled. It is a broad, physical comedy. As adapted, the script explicitly calls for doubling, even tripling, of many roles.

Wieczoreck anticipates casting 15-18 actors for all roles, including at least nine men and three women. There may be cross-casting; no roles have been pre-cast. Roles of varying size and for varying levels of experience are available, and many will involve robust physical activity.

With current concerns in mind, and in lieu of open in-person auditions, Shore Shakespeare is instead providing auditioners the opportunity to submit a video of themselves performing a Shakespeare monologue. The monologue should be from another Shakespeare play, and be about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes long.

The director will review the submissions and get some preliminary ideas. Provided there is enough interest, and it is deemed prudent to proceed, there will be in-person callbacks the week of July 6 (time and place to be announced), after which she will cast the show.

The tour is currently scheduled to open in Oxford on Sept. 18 for three performances, with subsequent performances in Cambridge and Centreville, closing on Oct 4. All performances will be held outside, and are free and open to the public.

Rehearsals are scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, beginning the week of July 13, and may be held outside, or under the SSC tent.

Please address videos, along with any questions, concerns or comments to: Videos may be uploaded to Vimeo, YouTube, or a similar service. Just send the address.

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