Local 4-Hers take on Niagra Falls

Chesapeake Bay 4-H Club members who ventured to Canada recently were, from left, Jack Chapple, Emma Chapple, Pippa Milhollan, Bree Haufe, Brian Milhollan, Kate Chapple, Sara Chapple, EJ Milhollan, Billy Haufe, Ashton Milhollan and McKenna Brach.

EASTON — Chesapeake Bay 4-H Club recently completed a travel project that was one year in the making.

Club members decided to plan an international trip to learn more about passports, group laws, travel, customs, borders, booking hotels, activities and perhaps most of all, costs.

With the help of leaders and parents, team members designed budgets, picked a location, made reservations, planned activities and raised money so three families could set off for Niagara Falls.

The 4-H activities and planning from club members were involved and extensive. Once in Niagara, N.Y., members started the day in yellow rain jackets and complimentary sandals, venturing into Niagara’s Cave of the Winds. After weathering strong winds and a powerful stream of falling water, the group changed into blue rain gear for a stunning, close-up view of the falls on the tour boat Maid of the Mist.

The group’s accommodations were booked by member E.J. Milhollan on the United States side of the falls, while Bree Haufe made reservations for the group to zipline along the edge of the falls on the Canadian side.

Kate Chapple planned nightlife activities that included members riding the Niagara SkyWheel, a 175-foot tall Ferris wheel in the middle of Clifton Hill on the Canadian side of the falls.

Club member Billy Haufe researched U.S./Canadian travel rules, which included passports and customs laws for the group.

Other members planned sites to visit, researched the history of the falls, and figured out costs, travel times and directions. Although the group traveled as three families, it was reminded of its 4-H motto, “To Make the Best Better” throughout its three-day venture.

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