Talbot County boards, committees, commissions seek new members

One of the roles of government is the participatory process which involves the citizenry serving on boards, committees and commissions to advise local government.

In Talbot County, a number of these bodies serve in an advisory role, making recommendations to the County Council and various county departments. Most bodies require members to be registered voters, while others may require members to be from specific election districts because they relate to legislative issues or require gubernatorial appointments. Many boards meet monthly while other meet on an as-needed basis.

“Talbot County boards, committees, and commissions play a vital role in supporting our local government,” said Corey Pack, president of the Talbot County Council. “At this time, we need citizens to fill several positions on these bodies. This is a great opportunity for our citizens to provide public service and have input in decisions shaping our County’s future.

“We appreciate the time and commitment made by those who serve,” Pack said. “The reward is great in giving back to our community.”

The Ethics Commission, which meets on an as-needed basis, currently has three vacancies. “I believe serving on the Ethics Commission is a good way of giving back to our community, as well as being a great support to the Talbot County government,” said Harriette Lowery, current chair of the Ethics Commission. “We have an important role in upholding the integrity and honesty of our local government.

“As Ethics Commission members, we never make a decision or answer a question about the ethics of our county government alone. We can refer to outside legal experts of the state and county ethics codes to make fair and just opinions,” she said.

“While serving on the commission, I have met some of the best community people who I may not have known otherwise,” Lowery said. “People who are fair-minded, open, above-board, willing to get the job done, good listeners and committed.”

There are also currently three vacancies on the Commission on the Aging, which meets monthly. The commission develops and implements a variety of community services for older citizens relating to health, education and welfare; encourages senior citizens to supplement their retirement income through part-time employment; and encourages continued personal growth through adult education, community service and leadership.

The Talbot County Agricultural Resolution Board meets on an as-needed basis and currently has two vacancies — a representative from the business community and an at-large member. The purpose of the board is to resolve disputes concerning alleged agricultural nuisances.

Each of the following bodies has one vacancy and meets monthly: Economic Development Commission (healthcare representative), Emergency Services Advisory Board (St. Michaels District) and Historic Preservation Commission.

All of these boards have specific criteria for the individuals who comprise their membership. Interested applicants must be residents of Talbot County who have been qualified voters for at least two years. If you are interested in serving the county in this capacity, please complete the “Request for Appointment” form found on the County’s website at www.talbotcountymd.gov/uploads/File/council/REQUEST%20FOR%20APPOINTMENT.pdf.

Applicants should forward the form and a one-page resume to the Office of the County Manager, Talbot County Courthouse, 11 N. Washington St., Easton, MD 21601.

Individuals requiring communications assistance or desiring additional information should contact the County Manager’s Office at 410-770-8010.

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