WYE MILLS — Wye Mills United Methodist Church will return to onsite church services on June 28, meeting in the church hall in order to maintain proper safe distancing of six feet between families or individuals. Services will also be streamed.

There will be hand sanitizer at the door. Congregants must bring their own mask. Enter the hall through the front set of doors and exit through the rear. Congregants may sing, but masks must remain on while singing.

Worship leader may remove mask while singing, and pastor may remove mask while preaching.

Offering plates will be placed near the exit, and offerings may be placed in the baskets as you exit. Those collecting and counting the offering will wear masks and gloves. There will be no sharing of the peace or receiving lines.

Pastors, greeters, ushers and musician will wear gloves before and after the worship service. Ushers and greeters should wear masks and gloves.

Bathrooms will be open and can be used at your own risk. Please wipe down the bathroom after using it.

Pre-packaged communion kits will be administered with disposal instructions.

Under no circumstances should someone come to the church for any activity if they are: exhibiting/feeling any symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19; been around someone exhibiting associated symptoms; exposed to COVID-19 and has not completed quarantine; or are positive for COVID-19 and has not been released by their doctor.

If someone enters the building and begins to feel sick or exhibit symptoms, that person should notify an usher and then immediately leave the building. The pastor should be made aware for any further action.

High risk individuals should continue to shelter in place until they feel safe to return, including those living with a high risk individual.

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