EASTON — Adaptive reuse plans for the redevelopment of 10 grain silos and a grain elevator property owned Perdue Farms are looking to take the next steps forward in downtown Easton.

The proposed development is called The Granary at Easton and would transform the silos into more than 40 residences on Perdue’s 2.4-acre parcel near Needwood Avenue and Higgins Street

The sustainable project is being spearheaded by the SVN | Miller Commercial Real Estate and architect Mitch Hager. They are looking for development partners and well as potential tenants and owners for the residences.

The goal is redevelop the Perdue grain silos into residential units with rooftop gardens with the potential for multifamily and single family units as well as penthouse spaces.

“SVN | Miller is delighted to offer this transformational development opportunity to both developers, builders, and to prospective residents — either tenants or owners,” said Bob Greenlee, managing director of the real estate firm. “Perdue couldn’t be more pleased that the agricultural history and culture of the region is being preserved and showcased through adaptable reuse, in a way that provides significant benefit to the town and future residents.”

SVN will also create a reservation list for prospective buyers and tenants. The effort is looking for a developer or builder to help bring the adaptive reuse to fruition.

The property is near the town’s Rails-to-Trails hiking system.

“Architecturally, the concept utilizes the shell of the silos, and assembles prefabricated structurally self-supporting interior modules that drop into the existing body,” Hager said. “The rounded areas of the silos become outdoor terraces and porches for residents, while the top of the silos become private penthouses and public green spaces.”

The property is presented by Greenlee and Elizabeth Connelly of SVN | Miller. To learn more about the Granary at Easton concept plans, visit www.granaryeaston.com.


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