William Clarence Thomas mugshot

William Clarence Thomas is accused of burglary and trespassing.

EASTON — William Clarence Thomas Jr., who faces burglary and trespassing charges after being found hiding under a bed while allegedly trespassing in a Trappe home, was placed into custody on June 16 and ordered to attend inpatient addiction treatment.

District Court Judge Karen Ketterman ordered Thomas to be held without bond and authorized a bed-to-bed transfer from the detention center to inpatient treatment once a bed became available.

Ketterman hesitated to waive Thomas’s preliminary hearing initially on June 16 after seeing that he had violated his pretrial supervision requirements. Prior to the hearing, Thomas’s public defender Christine DuFour and Deputy State’s Attorney Ellen Grunden were not aware of the pretrial supervision violations, which were filed June 15.

Thomas was released on an unsecured bond of $25,000 on May 24. He was ordered to avoid drugs and alcohol, submit to random testing, enter substance abuse treatment and meet with his pretrial supervision officer as part of his requirements.

DuFour explained to the judge that Thomas has been in the court system for a long time and hadn’t been on pretrial supervision before. While Thomas doesn’t have a driver’s license or a car and would need to rely on family for transportation, he’s always shown up for court to her recollection, she said.

Grunden said that the state had put in a lot of effort to help him comply with the pretrial supervision.

Ketterman gave Thomas the opportunity to discuss his situation with pretrial services before a violation hearing was held later that afternoon.

In the hearing, Thomas’s pretrial officer reported that she hadn’t had any contact with Thomas during the supervision period, and that he had also tested positive for cocaine and THC.

According to DuFour, Thomas had acquired a new phone after his old one was destroyed, so even if pretrial services had reached out to him, they didn’t have his new number, she said. Thomas also knew his drug test would return positive

Thomas reported that he had called the intensive outpatient program prior to the violation hearing, saying that the manager of the program had accepted him and he would start today.

“I’m an addict and I want help,” Thomas said to Judge Ketterman.

Ketterman was skeptical of Thomas, saying he hasn’t even done the “bare minimum.”

She revoked his pretrial supervision and unsecured bond and ordered him held without bond. She also authorized a bed-to-bed transfer for Thomas, saying that he needed to be directly transferred to inpatient treatment when a bed became available before his felony dismissal hearing.

Thomas, 59, is charged with first-, third- and fourth-degree burglary and trespassing on private property. He’s also facing charges of burglary, theft and controlled dangerous substance possession in several other open cases, according to online court records.

A trial has not been set in the case yet, but he is expected to appear in court for a felony dismissal hearing on July 14.

Natalie Jones is a reporter at The Star Democrat in Easton covering crime, health, education and Talbot County Council. You can reach her with questions, comments or tips at njones@chespub.com.

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