Community raises more than $5K for Easton business after break-in

The window frame on 4 sisters’ food truck in Easton is still damaged Nov. 5 from an attempted break-in in mid-October. The community raised nearly $5,400 on GoFundMe for the family-owned business to make repairs.

EASTON — After 4 Sisters Kabob & Curry was targeted in an attempted burglary last month that left its food truck damaged, the family-owned business received overwhelming support from the Easton community in the form of nearly $5,400 in GoFundMe donations.

The money, according to 4 Sisters Co-Founder Andleeb Khan, will cover the up-to-$2,000 cost to replace the truck’s mangled window frames and screens, and will allow Khan’s family to install security cameras outside their business to deter future vandalism.

Within a week of the GoFundMe fundraiser being created for Khan’s family, it had exceeded its roughly $4,000 goal and soared past $5,000.

The page’s creator wrote, “4 Sisters has been a blessing to our small community. Please help this beautiful family. They give to many in times of need. Let’s give to them in their time."

Khan said of the GoFundMe page and subsequent donations that she was “shocked to even see that someone went out of their way to do that for us.” 

“It was so nice of the community to be there for us and support us,” she said. 

Khan’s gratitude quickly turned, though, to concern for the businesses around hers. If this is happening to her business, she said, that means there could be others in the area surrounding her family’s shop at risk of experiencing a similar assault.

Khan previously speculated that her family might have been targeted for its heritage because no other business had been broken into or vandalized. 4 Sisters serves Pakistani and Indian food and is said to have paved a path for the cuisines to have a home in Easton.

Khan said in an interview Thursday she’s still not sure whether the destruction was calculated, but regardless of the would-be burglar’s motive, she said her family is forgiving and could forgive the person if they were ever identified. “My mom is such a forgiving person,” Khan said.

“We’re not the richest people out there and we’re not the poorest. We’re in the middle, and ever since God has blessed us with this food truck, we try to do whatever we can to give back to the community,” she said. “We’re here as a family. We consider our customers a family.”

Khan filed a report with the police, but she’s not confident an investigation will yield any conclusions about who perpetrated the property destruction and why because there’s little evidence and no surveillance footage.

Despite a string of hardships 4 Sisters has faced since the food truck opened in 2019 — from enduring two break-ins and having their tip jar stolen — Khan said, for now, her family’s not going anywhere.

“We’re not going to give up because we’re not doing anything wrong,” she said.

The food truck is still damaged. Khan said she’s working on finding someone who can custom-make the window parts for the truck because they’re not available locally. She hasn’t heard back from the company she solicited a quote from, but she said she’s hopeful the truck will be repaired soon.

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