DENTON — Denton Police Department officers are investigating multiple acts of vandalism at its headquarters involving paint projectiles fired at the building and a police vehicle, while warning the public of the dangerous potential this could create.

A Denton Police patrol officer located a JT-M8 paint grenade in the grass near the officer entrance door to the headquarters building on Feb. 10 and after reviewing security footage found that at 11:45 p.m. on Feb. 8, 2021, a dark SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer, slowed as it passed police headquarters on Gay Street. The paint grenade is then seen being propelled from the vehicle, obviously aimed at an unmarked patrol vehicle in the parking lot. The grenade, which failed to detonate, bounced and came to rest in the grass near the officer entry door.

This incident follows a Jan. 24 act where headquarters was struck by several paint balls. These projectiles were also believed to have been shot from a passing motor vehicle in the early morning hours, Acting Police Chief George Bacorn said.

Some would consider these incidents to be childish pranks, but they are not, he said. “This type of activity presents a significant officer safety issue and could be considered a serious assault, if an officer (or other individual) was leaving the building at the time of either of these incidents.” He also spoke of the dangers associated with non-lethal guns looking like realistic firearms.

Bacorn said, “Experience tells us pranks such as these can be misunderstood and can get out of hand quickly. I assure you that is the last thing the men and women of the Denton Police Department want. They have sworn an oath to protect our citizens and uphold the laws of this town, state and country. They do not deserve to be targets of such actions.”

The Denton Police Department is actively investigating this incident and will fully prosecute anyone involved once they are caught, Bacorn said.

He is asking anyone who may have any information regarding this matter to contact 410-479-1414, or send an email to and refer to case number 2102100041.

Anyone offering information may remain anonymous, and all information provided with be kept confidential.


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