Jason Richard Spies mugshot

Jason Richard Spies

EASTON — An Easton man is facing assault, reckless endangerment and firearm charges following a reported domestic assault incident on Black Dog Alley.

Jason Richard Spies, 39, was arrested July 28 after officers from the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office investigated an alleged domestic assault incident that occurred early Wednesday morning on the 8000 block of Black Dog Alley.

Police responded to the University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton just before noon in reference to an assault reported by a female victim, who identified Spies as her boyfriend.

According to police reports, Spies and the victim were getting ready for work just before 6 a.m. when they began arguing over Spies texting another woman. The victim told police that she went to a different bathroom in the house to get away from Spies and finish getting ready, but he followed her into the bathroom to keep arguing.

The victim told police that Spies grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall in the bathroom. She reported that he began strangling her with his left hand and made a fist with his right hand to hit her.

Police reports say that the victim felt her throat close and could not speak out to Spies. She reported that Spies continued to strangle her for approximately 15 seconds before stopping to grab her left hand. Spies rotated her hand backwards and advised her that he was going to break her arm.

The victim told police that she was able to break away from Spies to go to the master bedroom, where he followed her and grabbed her, throwing her to the ground and punching her in the face. Police reports say that Spies told the victim he was going to get his gun, which was reportedly kept in a nightstand in the master bedroom.

The victim attempted to hold Spies down by pulling his shirt, but he forced himself out of her grasp, causing his shirt to rip. She told police that Spies went to the nightstand and opened the drawer, reportedly pulling out a black Glock .45 caliber pistol. The victim feared that Spies was going to use the firearm on her or himself, but never pointed the gun at her. It’s not clear if officers found a weapon inside of the residence.

Police reports say that the victim got up and went into the bathroom to get away from Spies again and Spies disappeared somewhere inside the house.

At the hospital, the responding officer observed injuries consistent with being assaulted, including redness to the victim’s face where she was struck and redness to her neck where she was strangled, according to a statement found in police reports.

Following his arrest Wednesday, Spies was transported to the Talbot County Central Booking Facility for processing and an initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner. Spies was ordered held without bond at the Talbot County Detention Center.

A bond review for Spies was held Thursday afternoon in the Talbot County District Court. Judge Karen Ketterman ordered him released on a $50,000 unsecured bond.

As a condition of his release, Spies will be under GPS monitoring to stay within a restricted area and away from the victim’s home and place of work. He will not be allowed access to any firearms.

Ketterman also ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation within the next two weeks, follow treatment as recommended and take his medications as prescribed. He will not be allowed to use alcohol or any other controlled substances.

Spies is charged with felony first-degree assault, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and the use of a firearm in the commission of a violent crime.

He is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on August 24.

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