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CAMBRIDGE — A 29-year-old woman accused of burglarizing the home of the former Talbot deputy who allegedly physically and sexually assaulted her earlier this year is expected to appear Monday, July 27, in Dorchester Circuit Court.

The woman waived her right to a preliminary hearing in the felony burglary case against her on Thursday, June 11. Prosecutors subsequently upheld all three charges in the case, which include third- and fourth-degree burglary and malicious destruction of property valued at less than $1,000.

The charges stem from an April 6 incident during which the 29-year-old allegedly entered the home of former Talbot deputy Darius Lamont Tilghman, 27, through a broken window and poured bleach on his clothes while he was not there, according to court documents.

The woman reportedly confessed to police that she entered Tilghman’s home in Hurlock without permission and threw his clothes around the house. Police records make no mention of whether she acknowledged having allegedly doused the clothes with bleach.

She was arrested and later released from jail on the condition that she would be monitored by electronic GPS and have no contact with Tilghman, whom she reportedly has known for years.

The woman has alleged that Tilghman physically and sexually assaulted her during the same April 6 incident, as well as on at least one other occasion in January during which Tilghman reportedly threatened her with his service handgun while off duty, she told police. The former deputy was arrested in connection with her allegations and remains held without bond at the Dorchester County Detention Center.

Tilghman’s employment with the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, where he had worked since 2014, was terminated in June in response to the assault and sex offense charges against him, and a related protective order that bars him from carrying a weapon.

Tilghman is facing one felony charge of first-degree assault, and several misdemeanors, including two counts of second-degree assault, fourth-degree sex offense, reckless endangerment and use of a handgun during a violent crime.

The alleged burglar is expected to attend an initial appearance hearing at 9:30 a.m. July 27 in Dorchester Circuit Court.

Tilghman on Monday, June 15, waived his right to a preliminary hearing in the assault case against him, and his case is slated to go to trial. Further proceedings have not yet been scheduled.

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