A number of recent traffic stops by the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office have resulted in additional charges against drivers.

EASTON — Several recent traffic stops made by the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office resulted in additional charges against the drivers — including for alleged drug possession and theft.

TCSO deputies pulled over Daniel Hicks Jr, 27, of Claiborne, on Oct. 2 for a ‘moving violation’ on St. Michaels Road. Deputies ended up deploying a police K-9 and searched the vehicle resulting in Hicks facing alleged drug charges after the search resulted in the discovery of heroin.

The next day, deputies also pulled over Amelia Paige Hamilton Maxwell, 27, of Sherwood, for moving violations. Deputies determined she did not have a driver’s license and a K-9 scan of the vehicle ended up with Maxwell also facing possession of a controlled substance charges, according to TCSO.

Deputies pulled over Meisen Aboeldi Vasquez, 18, of Easton on Oct. 4 also for a moving violation on St. Michaels Road. Police allege Vasquez gave them false identification and that he did not have a valid driver’s license.Vasquez was arrested for driving without a license, fraud to avoid prosecution and traffic charges.

TCSO officials also said deputies pulled over a car on Ocean Gateway near the Maryland State Police Barrack in Easton on Thursday, Oct. 8. Police say an occupant of the vehicle, Tyquan Nichols, 22, of Cambridge, MD was wanted by the Cambridge Police Department on alleged theft charges. He was arrested.

Criminal defendants are presumed innocent in the justice system.

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