EASTON — Easton Utilities and the town of Easton debuted four new electric car charging stations on Monday, Nov. 2.

The electric vehicle (EV) stations — two of which were donated by Tesla Inc. — are located at 105 Brewers Lane near Harrison Street and the Talbot Town Shopping Center.

The two other downtown stations are ClipperCreek charging stations. Use of the four chargers will be free for now, according to John Horner, senior vice president and COO at Easton Utilities. Horner said the town and the utility will look at use of the stations to see if they should remain free of charge.

The $25,000 project was a joint effort between Easton Utilities and the town. The charging stations are the first in the town. Residents and tourists can charge their electric vehicles while visiting downtown Easton’s restaurants and shops.

Easton Mayor Robert Willey said the EV stations will help encourage more electric vehicle use and help reduce the town’s carbon footprint. Willey was at a ribbon cutting for the new stations along with Easton Utilities and town officials as well as state lawmakers on Monday.

“We are thrilled to support and encourage green transportation alternatives in downtown Easton,” said Kody Cario, project manager for the town of Easton.

The town council approved the Brewers Lane parking lot as the site for the stations in October 2019.

Willey also pointed to a new digital information kiosk at the stations that offers information about the town. The mayor said additional digital kiosks could be installed at other locations.

The project was led by Easton Utilities’ engineer Eddie Westerfield. “This was a true team effort from the initial design to the completed construction phase and it is truly rewarding to see the final product,” Westerfield said.

Easton Utilities is a community owned, nonprofit utility and telecommunications company.

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Use will be free for now, NOT. Use will be paid for by bill paying Easton Utilities customers or the taxpayers of the Town of Easton.

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