ANNAPOLIS — Maryland ranks 18th among U.S. states for energy efficiency, according to a new research report.

Financial firm WalletHub looked at home and automobile energy efficiency levels in the U.S.

States are ranked on indicators such as residential energy use per capita and vehicle miles traveled and fuel efficiency.

Maryland ranks 18th on the list. Delaware is 32nd and Virginia 34th. Utah and New York top the list while South Carolina and West Virginia are the least energy efficient. The rankings do not include Hawaii and Alaska. California, where energy efficiency standards and electricity supplies have been issues, ranks 7th on the list.

Researchers at WalletHub point out the average U.S. family spends $2,000 per year on residential utilities and another $2,000 on gasoline and oil changes for their cars.

While the coronavirus has resulted in lower demand for gasoline, the pandemic and its closures have driven up residential energy use with many workers and students stuck at home for good portions of 2020.

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