Gov. Martin O'Malley

Gov. Martin O'Malley

ANNAPOLIS State lawmakers from Maryland's Eastern Shore are concerned about Gov. Martin O'Malley's habit over the last two years of announcing new initiatives without any notice. The latest instance involves a proposed 1-cent increase to the sales tax.


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Rich is only half right. While it would tie a couple of other states as the highest state sales tax, most other states (37) have additional county and city sales taxes added on, like Louisiana -- 4% base, 8.75% combined, or Oklahoma -- 4.5% base, 8.2% combined. As far as shopping in "tax free" Delaware. Their tax is built in, they have a VAT, so you are still paying a tax, you just don't know what it is.


Please lets get rid of O'Malley. Who can afford to live in Maryland anymore?

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