BETTERTON The Betterton mayor and council, meeting Jan. 24, heard proposals to control the deer population within town limits.

George Timko, of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, gave a summary of methods for reducing the number of deer in a given area. According to Mayor Carolyn Sorge, some of the approved methods include introduction of predators, yearly birth control, building high fences and introducing dogs trained to chase deer off farmland.

The major predators of deer in settled areas are human hunters.

Mary Luike, who owns property on the south side of town, approached the council in December to ask permission for a controlled hunt to reduce the town's deer population. The council referred her to the DNR, which oversees animal populations and hunting. Luike will contact local property owners and return to the council with a plan.

Discussion of a flooded driveway at 9 Howell Point Road continued. In October, Councilman Mike Otwell said an improperly filled-in ditch appeared to be the cause of the flooding, and the town tentatively agreed to perform the needed repairs.

However, in December, the council learned a private contractor had performed the original repairs to SHA specifications. The council then asked the property owner to bring in engineers' drawings of a proposed solution.

At the Jan. 24 meeting, the resident presented proposals to eliminate the flooding. After some discussion, the council asked her to provide an engineering report in support of the proposals.

In other business:

• The council voted to adopt updated safety policies for the water and wastewater plants, as recommended by the Maryland Office of Safety and Health.

• The council approved the appointment of Rob Hutcheson to the planning commission.


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