Beautiful aircraft, beautiful weather

Visitors get a chance to view Craig Nelson’s vintage Boeing A75 Stearman during Easton Airport Day in September 2013.

EASTON — Talbot County was awarded $1.2 million in Federal Aviation Administration grant funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation on Monday, June 9, for infrastructure upgrades.

The Cambridge-Dorchester Airport was awarded $180,000 in federal grants to conduct an environmental assessment in order to evaluate environmental issues related to proposed runway obstruction removal.

“Our regional airports play a key role in maintaining Maryland’s robust economy,” Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., said. “These funds in the federal checkbook will help support important infrastructure and safety enhancements today and prepare for future airport construction that is critical to keeping the Eastern Shore’s economy moving and Marylanders on the go.”

Easton Airport’s $1.2 million grant will go to finish the final phase of a construction project on the terminal.

Mike Henry, Easton Airport manager, called the grant announcement great news.

“The pavement there is 30 years old. The life cycle is pretty much at the end of the line on it,” Henry said. “It’s got some cracks big enough to fit your hands down into it.”

Henry said it’s typical to get about a 20-year life span out of pavement. The project is out to bid for contractors, he said Monday.

Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., who is a member of the Environmental and Public Works Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee, said he is proud this federal transportation infrastructure funding can be delivered in a strategic way.

“Ensuring safety and efficiency at the Cambridge-Dorchester Airport and Easton/Newnam Field are critically important to keeping and creating jobs on the Eastern Shore,” Cardin said. “These airports are important for their communities, local businesses and visitors.”

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