Dahlia gets adopted

Dahlia gets adopted

Shelter pet Dahlia has found a home with Marilyn Hooper of Centreville.

CENTREVILLE — It may be a hard knock life being an abandoned pet, but Dahlia, the shelter dog from the Animal Welfare League in Queenstown, who become locally famous for her portrayal of Sandy in Queen Anne’s County High School’s spring production of “Annie,” now has a forever home of her own.

While the miserly Miss Hannigan in “Annie” might not have been “zoned for dogs,” Marilyn Hooper of Centreville was willing to make room in her home for Dahlia.

“We had read about Dahlia in the newspaper,” said Hooper, “and went to see the show on the last night. (Dahlia) was so good onstage, really calm even amidst all the hubbub.”

The next day, Hooper went to the shelter to visit with Dahlia and take her for a walk.

Hooper said she always has had a spot in her heart for shelter pets but had not adopted a dog since her last dog — also a shelter dog — had passed away. It needs to be right, Hooper said, for the dog and the potential adopter.

“There are so many good dogs in shelters, it is just a shame,” said Hooper.

On Hooper’s next visit, she prepared to bring Dahlia to her home for a meet-and-great with her cat, Katie.

Katie was a rescue of sorts, too, said Hooper. A local pet boarding facility had taken in a stray that produced an unexpected litter, so Hooper volunteered to bring her home.

It can be difficult to find a dog that is OK with a cat, Hooper said, but Dahlia had no problem fitting in with Katie.

Dahlia didn’t have to go back to the shelter that day after all. Hooper and the shelter volunteer agreed Dahlia was content in Hooper’s home.

They have been enjoying walks together, Hooper said, and she is looking forward to a long, happy relationship with Dahlia.

A pleasant surprise for the Animal Welfare League arrived in the mail this week in the form of a donation of $183 from the Queen Anne’s County High School Theatre Department, said director Emily Miller. The donations were collected during the production of “Annie.”

“There are many other pets still hoping to be adopted,” said Miller, “sweet animals that just need a good home.”

For more information, call the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County at 410-827-7178.

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