EASTON — One Royal Oak couple had a whopper of a baby.

The average birth weight of a newborn is 8 pounds. Some are much smaller. But for the couple who had their baby boy on Sept. 16, “average” doesn’t even come close.

Jessica Passwaters and Brad Vickers created a 13.02-pound baby boy who was born Sept. 16. His name is Waylon Vickers, and he is 22 inches long.

“She is doing great. The baby’s healthy. She is healing from a C-section. She is on maternity leave now,” said Vickers. Passwaters is the director of The Manor Discovery Center, an early education center in Easton.

Even though they had gotten to know the obstetrics team in Easton, Waylon was born at the Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis. They spent three days in Annapolis.

“When they saw how big his hands were, they predicted 15 pounds, they said we are going to deliver right here,” said Passwaters.

Another exciting big thing is happening for them.

“We are settling on a house in Royal Oak on Nov. 6. It’s hard with a baby and keeping up with Cru. He is all boy,” said Passwaters. Her first child is a 4-year-old named Cru. He is helpful around the house, getting his mom diapers and wipes. He was throwing pine cones during the interview at Idlewild Park.

Cru said of his new baby brother, “He eats all the time and sometimes he wants his pacifier.”

They had been supplementing breast milk with Similac just to keep up. But now they have stopped that.

When asked if they planned to have more children, she said, “I’m done. This is it. Waylon did it in.”

Passwaters has also been experiencing the pandemic with a new born.

“I feel bad for first time moms. They don’t get a baby shower, which is a really special time. I got a drive by sprinkle,” she said.

“Grocery pick up has saved my life — with two kids not having to go into the store. It saves me time,” she said.

Vickers is still amazed by the newborn’s size.

“She knew it was a big baby — still he was ginormous,” said his father.

“My only comparison is when you catch a really big blackfish,” said Vickers. “I am only 150 pounds and am 5’6”. But there are big people on both of our sides. So the genes must have skipped me.”

And all the while Waylon was yawning and sacked out in his mother’s arms. The place he won’t sleep is in a moving car. He just cries in the car, Passwaters said.

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