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EASTON — A Cambridge woman is facing child abuse and neglect charges after she allegedly dropped her 6-month-old son and left a knot on his head while she was drunk inside an Easton doctor’s office Wednesday, July 22.

Misty Gross, 33, was arrested Monday, July 27, in connection with the July 22 incident, which involved Gross reportedly being drunk, stumbling around with and dropping her child on the floor of the doctor’s office waiting room, police said.

Employees at the office told responding officers they heard a “loud thud” followed by Gross’s baby screaming and crying, and then they turned the corner and saw the child on the floor with a “large knot” on the back of his head, according to police records.

Gross reportedly proceeded with her appointment at the doctor’s office and she admitted to a provider that she had been drinking earlier that day. The provider described Gross to police as having been “incoherent,” and said he believed Gross neglected but did not abuse the baby, police said.

Talbot County Emergency Services personnel responded to the scene to treat and evaluate the knot on the baby’s head, and the child was later taken to an Easton hospital for further evaluation.

Responding officers requested that the Department of Social Services meet Gross and her son at the hospital to investigate the child’s well being, according to court documents. The investigation prompted the issuance of a warrant for Gross’s arrest.

Gross was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and neglect of a minor. She was released on a $15,000 unsecured bond, online court records show. A preliminary hearing for Gross is scheduled for 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 19.

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