DENTON — A week after the first day of the 2019-20 school year, Caroline County Public Schools’ pupil services team is hard at work figuring out the school system’s official enrollment count.

Bill Allen, supervisor of pupil services, said at the Board of Education’s meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10, the first day count was 5,249 students — 2,379 in elementary schools, and 2,870 in secondary.

Allen said that number is only students who were physically present in school Tuesday, Sept. 3.

In addition to not including any kindergarten through 12th grade students who might have missed the first day for various reasons, Allen said, that number also does not include pre-kindergarteners, who started Sept. 12.

A 10-day count will be done Monday, Sept. 16, and the official enrollment count — used to figure out state and county funding for the next school year — will be conducted Tuesday, Oct. 1.

For the next few weeks, Allen said, his office will be busy tracking down those students who were enrolled in a Caroline County school but did not show up.

Allen said students might be on an extended home or hospital stay while recovering from an illness or injury. Some students may have moved into another district over the summer. Others simply did not realize the first day of school had arrived.

“This is not anything new,” Allen said. “We’re enrolling more students every day.”

Allen said he thinks Caroline County has the greatest number of enrolled out-of-county students — mostly from Talbot and Dorchester counties — in its history.

Those students each pay about $2,450 to attend a Caroline County school, since their residency in another county makes them ineligible to count toward the formula used to calculate the Caroline County commissioners’ contribution per student.

Deborah Siachos, human resources supervisor, said as of Friday, Sept. 6, the school system had hired 68 new employees for the 2019-20 school year, including people to fill four newly-created school administrator positions.

Siachos said 25 percent of those hires were graduates of Caroline County Public Schools.

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