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Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Chris Corchiarino, who also serves as liaison to the Queen Anne’s County Housing Authority, said providing financial and program transparency by the board would be mutually beneficial to county commissioners and the public.

CENTREVILLE — The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners officially signed a letter to the county’s Housing Authority Tuesday, June 11, proposing meetings at the Percy Thomas Center and the Foxxtown Senior Center.

The stated goal is to “provide an outstanding prospect for the Housing Authority to engage residents at a forum convenient to where the residents live.”

Additionally, the letter invites the members of the Housing Authority board to provide an update to county commissioners on a quarterly basis during their regular meetings on “operational matters.”

“This would provide an opportunity to report on performance and new initiatives and happenings from the Housing Authority perspective,” the letter said. “Currently, our schedule is flexible, and we can accommodate an initial briefing in August, September or October and plan for quarterly dates going forward.”

Such meetings at the Percy Thomas Center and the Foxxtown Senior Center could begin as early as September, and the commissioners said they can accommodate the Housing Authority Board on their normal second Monday of the month in a 4 to 6 p.m. time slot. The county also offered the same 4 to 6 p.m time slot on the first or third Mondays of each month.

Commissioner Chris Corchiarino said efforts to provide financial and program transparency would be mutually beneficial to commissioners and the public.

The Queen Anne’s County Commissioners previously called for an audit of the Housing Authority’s finances with little information being released. While the Housing Authority has discussed a fiscal year 2020 budget, county commissioners have yet to receive a copy.

“We field many calls from citizens who are concerned with Housing Authority operations. So we’re trying on our end to help them with transparency and communication with the public,” Corchiarino said. “Recently, we’ve reached out to the Housing Authority for meeting minutes and agendas and to make sure they are accessible to public without having to submit a request to them.”

Corchiarino said the letter is a formal request for public forums with the Housing Authority and for the board to appear in county commissioner chambers.

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