CHESTERTOWN — “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not,” or so it goes in Dr. Seuss’ classic “The Lorax.” With the help of the community, students at H.H. Garnet Elementary School are proving they care about the environment “a whole awful lot.”

Students, sponsors for the project and community members gathered to celebrate Garnet Good Seeds Project’s launch Thursday morning, June 6.

“It’s just exciting to see what will happen. So again, thank you very much for helping and supporting our school system and showing up today. That means a lot to us,” Garnet Principal Brenda Rose told the crowd.

Through Good Seeds, Garnet will receive new landscaping around the building that incorporates an outdoor learning space, a rain garden, new gravel pathways, a pollinator garden, a mural and more.

The designs for the landscaping, created by Miles Barnard of South Fork Studio with input from teachers and students, utilizes native plants like switchgrass as well as edible plants like those that grow berries and herbs.

Good Seeds initially was proposed to the Kent County Board of Education at a Jan. 14 meeting where it was unanimously approved. It was then pitched to the Chestertown Mayor and Council and the Kent County Commissioners who also gave their support of the project.

The commissioners will fund trash and recycling containers at both ends of the Garnet property. They agreed to have county staff remove current plants from the front of the school.

The mayor and council of Chestertown are funding a new brick entryway at the front of the school. It will feature a compass rose set into the brick and new benches.

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