Easton Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Manager Micah Risher, Airport Advisory Board President Jack Pettit, Easton Airport Manager Michael Henry and Talbot County Councilwoman Laura Price celebrate General Aviation Appreciation Month at the council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

EASTON — The Talbot County Council acknowledgded General Aviation Appreciation Month in Talbot County with a proclamation at its meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

The proclamation states general aviation supports the Maryland economy and improves other facets, including health care services, law enforcement, firefighting and disaster relief. It also plays a role in the state’s response to emergencies, such as rescue operations, including air ambulance transports by fixed wing and rotorcraft, and police.

Councilwoman Laura Price acknowledged Easton Airport Manager Michael Henry’s retirement this month and welcomed the new airport manager, Micah Risher. Henry has been at the Easton/Newnam Airport for 15 years.

In his career, Henry secured Federal Aviation Administration funding, state grants and donations for air traffic control tower staffing and the construction of the air traffic control tower.

“We do have an incredible group of people that ... makes general aviation work so well,” Price said.

Easton Airport Day, originally scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 15, was cancelled due to adverse weather. The rescheduling of the event will be announced later after the storm passes.

“I just wanted to observe that so far, this is a great year for the Easton Airport,” Airport Advisory Board President Jack Pettit said.

This year, Easton Airport celebrated its 75th anniversary of providing essential access for aviation enthusiasts, corporate pilots and local businesses. The airport was built for use by the military during World War II and is the second the busiest general aviation facility in Maryland.

For more information, visit www.eastonair port.com.

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