DENTON — Artist Parran Collery pieced together ceramic depictions of Maryland’s most coveted icons to create one big mural that now lives in Denton.

The mural is located at 14 Third St. along the alleyway wall, where passersby and art lovers alike can admire Maryland’s natural beauty the way Collery perceives it.

Collery titled this 17-foot piece “From the Heron’s Eye.”

It’s a resemblance of Maryland’s waterways, and was created with thousands of individual tiles, each fitting cohesively into the larger picture.

The waterways depicted in the piece, as Collery imagines them, are sprinkled with wildlife, flowers and underwater crustaceans.

The tile artist currently operates her own studio, “Eartha Handmade Tile,” and has become well known in the art community throughout Southern Maryland.

Her signature theme is apparent in most, if not all, of her work: natural wonders, emphasized by bright and bold colors.

On her website, Collery wrote, “I am inspired by my backyard, birds and other creatures, stars in the dark night sky, the simple beauty of everyday objects, art history and poetry ... the list goes on and on!”

“My tiles and mosaics combine sophisticated design with vibrant color and a sense of space,” she wrote.

Caroline County residents also were invited to participate in the mosaic’s creation, attending workshops at The Foundry to mold and paint the flowers seen on the piece’s left side.

Collery’s Denton mural is now part of a 10-piece collection of publicly-displayed artworks scattered around the town.

The art installations were facilitated by the Caroline County Council of Arts.

To learn more about artist Parran Collery, visit her website

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