EASTON — Improvement to the Town of Easton continues, despite the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Easton’s Public Works Department has been working on several projects including the new Easton Farmers Market parking lot and sidewalk on Harrison Street.

“With the future return of Easton’s Farmers Market to their original location, patrons and vendors will have a safer walking and shopping experience,” Mayor Robert Willey said. “In addition to walking safety, the new construction is safer for our environment by reducing runoff into our waterways.”

The new permeable sidewalk is a green infrastructure practice. Green infrastructure practices mimic nature by infiltrating stormwater, where it hits the ground, reducing erosion, water pollution and the development of harmful algal blooms caused by excessive amounts of nutrients. Other types of green infrastructure practices include swales, cisterns, rain gardens and green roofs.

“The Town of Easton was dealing with two issues when they started planning the Harrison Streetscape project: a new requirement in their state stormwater permit to reduce impervious surfaces by 20%, and the problem of street tree health,” said Charlie White, founder and CEO of PaverGuide, Inc.

“Street trees often have a difficult time thriving — and at times surviving — due to the placement of impervious sidewalks over their root system,” White said. “The soil becomes compacted below the impermeable surfaces, limiting the root system’s access to air and water. PaverGuide acts similar to a snowshoe — spreading loads, so the soil compaction does not occur, while also allowing water to infiltrate and air access to the soil.”

For questions, please contact the Town of Easton Engineering Department at 410-820-8822.

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