EASTON — Easton Elks Lodge 1622 has listed set its imposing, Colonial-style brick building on Dutchmans Lane for sale.

The property was put up for sale Tuesday night, June 16, and was listed online Friday, June 19. Skipper Marquess of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is the real estate agent handling the transaction.

The Elks are seeking $2.95 million for the 13.2-acre property. Elks received an offer to sell only the back portion of the lodge, but they decided it would be better to sell the full property.

“It’s sort of a pillar of the community,” said Talbot County Council Vice President Chuck Callahan. “It’s sad, it’s really sad. “It’s just different times right now.”

The Elks don’t have a timeline for completing the sale. And their organization requires an added step in the transaction.

“One of the prerequisites is the fact that if an offer comes in (and is) accepted by the Elks board, (it) has to go to national Elks,” Marquess said. “They review to make sure there’s nothing sneaky going on, like an Elks member double-dealing. And once that approval is done, which probably takes about 30 days, because you’ve got to wait for their meeting, then the sale can go through.”

“So somebody comes up with 2.9 cash and says, ‘I want it tomorrow,’ that can’t happen,” he said. “But that gives everybody time to, if somebody wanted a 60-day study period, and we’ve got the offer, then both things can go on at the same time.”

The Elks have owned the lodge since it was built 75 years ago. Marquess said the Elks are looking for a new parcel of land.

“People diversify just to survive,” Callahan said. “It’s probably going to bring a positive, different aspect because it’s commercial.”

“It’s going to offer some opportunities for somebody to come in there to do something with it, so hopefully it will be a positive thing for Easton,” Callahan said.

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