EASTON — An afternoon fire on June 15 incinerated a shed off Forest Landing Road and slightly burned a house on the same property.

Fifty firefighters from Easton, Cordova, Queen Anne-Hillsboro, Oxford, Trappe and St. Michaels arrived to battle the blaze after a service call at approximately 1:34 p.m. Firefighters from Tilghman Island were on standby.

The one-alarm fire took about 30 minutes to control, with firefighters bringing in a tanker task force and truck to douse the flames, according to C.R. Chance, the fire chief for Easton Volunteer Fire Department.

The Fire Marshal’s Office estimate $35,000 in damages, $10,000 to the structure and $25,000 to the content in the structures.

No one was injured, but the shed at the edge of the property’s lawn had completely disintegrated into charred wood and a skeleton frame after the fire was extinguished. The house was singed and black on one side, while another shed also caught on fire and had significant damage.

Ronnie Secrist, a neighbor, said he grabbed a small fire extinguisher from his house and tried to put out the fire. But it had enlarged to a blazing conflagration and had leaped to the second shed and the house.

“By the time I got there, it had spread that quick,” he said. “It was just too much. I couldn’t handle the rest of it.”

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