EASTON — The rain showers cleared, the lawn chairs came out, and as the sky grew dark, the low, classic booming followed by the sound of sizzling sparks falling to the ground began.

Raindrops caused the Easton carnival to open one hour later on Thursday, July 4, but when it came time for the fireworks, the magic moment of enough darkness still was 9:30 p.m.

Thousands of people were camped out all over southwest Easton, both inside and outside the Easton Parkway.

Folks were stopped from setting up camp right next to the road by police signage, but they filled the parking lots of Waterside Village, Tred Avon Square and many points in between.

Some say the best viewing area is the carnival grounds, where spectators are pretty much shoulder to shoulder.

Others say the best places are the parking lots of Target, Acme, Easton’s west side Dunkin’ Donuts and even the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce.

After the rain deluge, the atmosphere was a little wet and hazy, but it still was eyes to the skies for thousands of people.

Proceeds from the Easton carnival, which is held in ths large open field at the corner between the Easton Parkway and St. Michaels Road, go to pay for next year’s fireworks. So what spectators enjoyed on Thursday evening actually was “paid forward” by last year’s crowd, and what they will see next year came out of this week’s profits.

Easton’s carnival is seven days of fun for the community, and an estimated 15,000 people enjoy it over that time, especially the entertainment and musical revue on the fourth, before the showing of the fireworks.

After the rain cleared off on Thursday, the sounds of The Janglebachs on the main stage sent many folks on a trip down memory lane.

The Janglebachs are a five-piece band that brings back the days of Woodstock, long hair, beads, tie-dyed clothing and Vietnam War protests.

Talbot County’s own singer, songwriter and guitarist Emma Myers also performed.

The Easton Carnival and Fourth of July Celebration is the work of the Avalon Foundation Inc. This year’s celebration’s marquee sponsor is Fred-Frederick Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram.

Other sponsors are the Waterside Village at Easton, the Town of Easton, Easton Utilities, VFW Post 5118 and The Star Democrat.

For more information, visit avalonfoundation.org.

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