EASTON — Contestants in the 2019 Talbot County Fair Goat Show came out to win, Friday, July 12. But, in the end, three human-goat pairs outshined the rest in the senior class, ages 14 to 18.

The 1st place winner was Lauren Freeman. Second place went to McKenna Breeding, and third to Mackenzie Barnett.

The judge said Freeman was “very intense” with a “good, hard brace” on her goat, adding that the goat “seldom acted up.”

“[Freeman] hit me hard as soon as she walked into the ring,” the judge said. “You can tell that this young lady has definitely worked with this animal.”

The judge said Breeding had her goat “leather braced 95 percent of the time.”

“When I went to go get a feel of [the goat], it was set up,” she said.

The judge also commented on Breeding’s eye contact, saying, “When she came at me, she didn’t stop and gave me a front view.”

Breeding, who is from Felton, Del., and is part of the Delaware Showmasters Circuit, said she won second place because she spends endless hours bonding with her goat, Woody.

“I go out with my animal every night and I work with it. And even when I’m tired from work or 4-H, I’m still out there showing,” Breeding said. “I try to give my 110 percent even if I’m having an off day.”

Barnett, who’s from Cecil County, said she’s been showing goats for about three years. But she said hadn’t been in the ring in a while because of school.

Leading up to the show, she said she worked on foot placement and bracing, and being able to walk, because “it’s not good if you can’t walk in the ring.”

She credited her success this show to her former experience and trying to do the best she could.

This year’s senior class goat show featured 11 goats.

Fourth place went to Tessa McDonough, fifth to Molly Allan, sixth to Gabriella Morelli, seventh to Isabela Lopez, eighth to Blair Hill, ninth to Danielle Morelli, tenth to Dylan Craft, and 11th place to Savanna Sykes.

The Talbot County Fair is held every year during the 2nd week of July. It features food, games, entertainment and competitions.

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