Neighbors helping neighbors

EASTON — It’s no breaking news that the economy and folks personal finances are a struggle in 2020. This year seems to have made making ends meet more than a challenge, but instead of embracing pessimism more are turning to ways to help their neighbor.

One Talbot County woman took the concept of neighbor helping neighbor to extend to the entire community. Jennifer DiCaprio shared to the social media page Easton, Maryland Community Group this question, “What is one thing you need that you cannot afford right now?” with the idea to see what others need and try to find a way to meet that need. “Maybe you have it and don’t need it or have a connection to get it,” wrote DiCaprio.

In just two days her message reached over 500 people willing to pass on kindness at no cost. The post is one that DiCaprio read on another community page, and has since spread across the Facebook platform nationwide.

A computer printer, Christmas tree, clothing, child’s bike, and handicap stair lift are just a few of the many items that have found new homes through the generosity of a community meeting one another’s needs.

DiCaprio said she was surprised to see her post “blow up”, but she knows the community here is responsive and supportive of one another. She also knows what it is to be in need of something that is out of reach. As she chatted for a moment while on a break working a double shift — she shared her biggest need — dental implants to fix teeth lost from when she was victim of a violent crime. “I could never afford to get them fixed,” she said, “I really miss smiling and laughing.”

Having moved several times, DiCaprio is now back home in Talbot County, raising her children. “This community is always eager to reach out with positive comments and support. It’s really cool to see it happen,” she said.

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