KI Garden Club Officers 2019-2021

Doris Key, District 1 Director Doris Key, right, installs the Kent Island Garden Club officers for 2019-2021, from left, Charlotte Hardman, president; Dawn Thomas, vice president, and Dianna Saquella, recording secretary.

STEVENSVILLE — The Kent Island Garden Club has installed a new slate of officers for a two-year term, 2019 to 2021.

Charlotte Hardman will be president, assisted by co-vice presidents Pat McCaffrey and Dawn Thomas, recording secretary Diana Saquella, corresponding secretary Jan Proctor and treasurer Genie Fitzgerald.

The new team has prepared an active agenda, which begins in April by sprucing up the gardens at the Cray House, the Kirwan House, the Kent Island Library and the county-owned Christ Church in Stevensville.

Plans include youth gardening events at the Kent Island Library in April and a perennial plant sale during the Kent Island Day celebration.

At 10 a.m. Wednesday, May 15, the club will present a workshop, “Floral Design with an Asian Flair,” by Anna O’Kelly at the Kent Island United Methodist Church in Chester.

O’Kelly is a student of the Sagetsu School of Ikebana, and she is an accredited National Garden Club flower show judge. She has served as president of the Ikebana International Baltimore Chapter. The designer is serving how as first vice president of the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland.

Tickets are available for $25. Reservations may be made by calling Diana Bonner at 410-643-6779. Checks should be made out to the Kent Island Garden Club and mailed to Genie Fitzgerald, 116 Wall St., P.O. Box 206, Queenstown, MD 21658.

A plant sale will also be held at the same location that day.

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