Liquor board approves substitute licensees for Inn at Perry Cabin

Attending the Talbot County liquor board meeting on Monday, Nov. 25, are, from left, Inn at Perry Cabin Resort Director Jeroen Werdmolder, Director of Finance Joe Durham, Executive Chef Gregory Wiener and attorney Zach Smith of Armistead, Griswold, Lee & Rust.

EASTON — Talbot County Board of Liquor License Commissioners on Monday, Nov. 25, unanimously approved applications for substitute licensees for RDC Inn at Perry Cabin LLC, doing business as Inn at Perry Cabin, in St. Michaels.

The meeting took place in the Bradley meeting room in the Talbot County Courthouse, Easton.

Director of Finance Joe Durham and Executive Chef Gregory Wiener will take the place of Accounting Manager Mark Garwood and former Director of Finance Elizabeth Davis on the license. Resort Director Jeroen Werdmolder went in as a new application. General Manager Michael Hoffmann will remain on the license.

“Mr. Garwood is still there. He has been on the license for a couple of decades so he is still at IPC; he is just not involved in the day-to-day operations. Ms. Davis has moved on,” said attorney Zach Smith of Armistead, Griswold, Lee & Rust. “Michael Hoffmann wanted to put his entire management team on the license because these are the folks that oversee the operations of the staff there.”

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