ANNAPOLIS — The state of Maryland is launching a COVID vaccination lottery offering $2 million in prizes to residents who have been vaccinated against the virus.

Gov. Larry Hogan announced the new promotion on Thursday, May 21.

The effort involves the Maryland Department of Health sharing the information on residents who have received COVID vaccines with the Maryland Lottery.

The state lottery will then pick winning vaccinated residents over 40 days from May 25 to July 4. Those daily winners will get $40,000 along with a grand prize of $400,000 to be drawn on July 4.

Marylanders who have been vaccinated are automatically entered in the lottery promotion via their information in state health databases.

The state effort looks to overcome vaccine hesitancy and slowing demand over COVID vaccines. Still, MDH reports 67.3% of state residents have received at least one COVID vaccine shot.

“Go out and get vaccinated to protect yourself, your family, your friends, and your fellow Marylanders,” Hogan said in a statement “And if you needed one more good reason, then go out and get vaccinated for your chance to win a share of this $2 million. So remember Maryland—get your shot for a shot to win.”

Money for the prizes is coming from the Maryland Lottery’s marketing and advertising budget. Winners can remain anonymous, according to state officials.

“I am beyond proud of every single vaccinated Marylander who has stepped up to protect themselves and keep Maryland safe and healthy.” said Maryland Health Secretary Dennis Schrader.

“We need every eligible Marylander vaccinated, and this lottery is a further incentive to get a life-saving vaccination to ensure we leave no arm behind in our fight to put this pandemic behind us.”

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