ROCK HALL — Discussions on the municipal building here continued Wednesday evening, Nov. 10, at the regular business meeting of the mayor and council.

It was previously unanimously decided that the Building Advisory Committee would get real cost estimates to shutter the existing building and build new at the Rock Hall Civic Center.

This is the second time that vote has been rediscussed, following a lengthy discussion at the Nov. 1 meeting.

The municipal building is closed to the public due to environmental and structural issues. The library, police department and town administrative services have all found spaces outside of the building from which to work.

“I feel that perhaps we were premature in taking a vote with respect to shuttering, because I don’t think we fully understood shuttering,” Mayor Dawn Jacobs said. “The report itself, to me, did not provide us with enough information and the disparity in pricing between renovation and building new was so great that, to me, it just warrants more consideration on our part and more of an in-depth understanding of what the renovation cost is made up of.”

Jacobs said not replacing the library and museum in the new building removes services from the community.

“I voted the way I did thinking that that 18 months would have protection of the building and the decision on whether to renovate it or bulldoze it was still up in the air,” Jacobs said. “At a minimum, I’d like to go on the record as changing my vote, whether you feel that’s appropriate or not, because I would vote no now, to the action that was decided.”

Officially, Jacobs’ “yea” vote still counts because a new motion was not made.

Jacobs still would like more information about the real cost estimates associated with renovating the existing municipal building and replacing the building.

“I just feel that we should be more responsible in making the decision, basically, of abandoning that building, because one way or another that’s what we’re doing,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said if the town is not going to go forward with renovations and needs to find a potential alternate financier, “I would be working on that now.”

“I don’t feel I have enough solid information to present to somebody,” Jacobs said.

Vice Mayor Carolyn Jones said the five members on the Building Advisory Committee have “done an excellent job.”

“Somewhere along the line you have to rely on peoples’ ability to know what they’re talking about,” Jones said.

Jones acknowledged that while Jacobs thinks preserving the municipal building is important, there are other matters that are just as important, including the water and sewer issues.

“I just feel like we are being very short sighted to the community,” Jacobs said.

Jones said that Rock Hall has been short on community events in recent years. She recalls only a few events being held in the municipal building.

“We’ve already had this conversation, we’ve already had a motion, you’ve made your objections known and that’s what you wanted to do, so there’s nothing else really to discuss,” Councilwoman Eleanor Collyer said. “I don’t want to discuss it any further, I don’t think there’s a need to.”

Jacobs said that was just her and not the others.

“We have discussed this ad nauseam,” Councilman James Cook said.

“We’ve discussed it a lot,” Jones said when Jacobs asked her.

Cook said they made a motion and even if the vote changes it is 4-1 that “we are not looking to renovate this building. We’re not saying we’re tearing it down, that’s not part of the motion, we’re looking to see what it would take to mothball it.”

“I think it’s irresponsible to commit to something that is so astronomically expensive when, as Carolyn pointed out, we have sewer and water issues. We’re going to be dealing with that for the next decade. We’re not going to be in a great spot there on basic essential services, not even community services, but basic health and safety stuff,” he said.

Jacobs asked additional questions about the prices given by different contractors when Collyer motioned to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilman Tim Edwards.

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