EASTON — Town officials dedicated a tree in memory of longtime Easton Town Council president John Ford Thursday morning, July 9.

The nearly 40-foot tall red oak sapling is planted in RTC Park near the end of Plum Street.

The bronze plaque at the base reads simply “In Loving Memory of John F. Ford; Council President; Easton Town Council Member; Husband, Father, Friend.”

Ford was 67 when he died February 4. He was serving as Easton Town Council president when he suffered a stroke in in November 2019. He served 22 years on the Easton Town Council and 15 years as its president.

Attending the ceremony were Ford’s wife Peggy, their son Ben and his wife Kate Livie, Mayor Robert Willey, and about 40 town and county leaders, including the present members of the town council, Talbot County Council members, Easton Utilities staff and citizens.

“I was really pleased and pleasantly surprised,” said Peggy Ford about the number of people who attended the brief 10 a.m. ceremony.

“People from the town and county, people from the past, people from Tilghman came,” Ford said. “It was very lovely and meaningful.”

Ford removed the covering on the plaque and said later, “I thought it was fitting that the tree is a red oak. Whenever John worked with wood, he would make something with heavy oak.”

“I’m going to name it the listening tree, just like John,” she said.

The weather was warm, Ford said, but there was a breeze and “a little cloud came over and protected us. It was kind of a sweet message.”

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