EASTON — An RV that was plugged into a home at 7277 Woodside Road near Royal Oak caught fire Friday morning, Jan. 3, with flames spreading into the nearby residence, fire officials said.

First responders reportedly unplugged the RV from the home and secured a linked propane tank upon arrival to the scene at about 8:20 a.m., but the fire spread to the home’s attic.

The homeowners were in the residence during the fire, but they were able to exit the home and no injuries were reported, St. Michaels Fire Chief Phil Jones said.

“It appears the fire started in the motor home,” Jones said. “There’s damage to the house, but we did stop it before it progressed any farther.”

Crews from fire departments in St. Michaels, Easton and Oxford responded to the call at 8:20 a.m. It took 42 firefighters nearly 40 minutes to subdue the fire, which was reported by the owners.

The house and 2004 32-foot Winnebago recreational vehicle, owned by Brent and Mary Garner, sustained a loss of about $100,000, according to the Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office. The RV’s damage was about $40,000, the house’s damage was estimated at $60,000, and the contents were valued at $10,000.

The fire marshal’s office said the fire started in the living quarters of the RV. The fire was ruled accidental due to an electrical failure.

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