Talbot Boys poster

A flyer for the June 19 march in Easton calling for the removal of the Talbot Boys statue.

EASTON — Organizers have released more details on a march and rally planned for June 19 (Juneteenth) calling for removal of the Talbot Boys Confederate monument from the lawn of the county courthouse.

The Saturday march will start at 11 a.m. near the Easton Marketplace shopping center (219 Marlboro Ave.) with a rally at noon at the Talbot County Courthouse.

The Move the Monument Coalition is organizing a Juneteenth rally in Easton and has been pressing for the Talbot Boys removal. The Confederate monument was erected in 1916 honoring local residents who fought for the South during the Civil War.

The Talbot County Council voted 3-2 last year not to remove the statue.

The June 19 rally will include Del. Sheree Sample-Hughes, speaker pro tempore of the Maryland House of Delegates, Easton Town Council President Megan Cook, Annapolis civil rights activist Carl Snowden; rapper and motivational speaker Devon Beck; the Rev. Elmer Davis, district superintendent of the Easton District of the United Methodist Church, and The Very Rev. Gregory Powell, dean of Trinity Cathedral Easton. Davis also serves on the Easton Town Council.

A number of Confederate and Christopher Columbus statues have been removed across the country in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and progressive efforts to remove offensive and racist memorials and rename streets and schools.

Defenders of the Talbot Boys say it is part of the Shore’s history and Civil War history in Maryland. Advocates for its removal point out that slaves were once sold at or near the site of the statue and it sends an ominous message on public property and the courthouse lawn.

Organizers say they will encourage social distancing and offer masks at the outdoor march and rally.

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