DENTON — Amy Cawley of Cawley Family Farm has been busy lately creating sustainable wood-burned Christmas tree ornaments from the slivers of trunks of cut Christmas trees her family has been raising and selling for 25 years.

As couples and families hunted for and tagged or cut the perfect tree on “Black Friday,” Nov. 26, Cawley sold her rustic ornaments that harken back to old-fashioned, hand-made decorations. She’s been making them since 2017, and last year “they really took off,” she said.

“I sold between 80 and 100 last year,” said Cawley, the eldest daughter of owner Charles Cawley. “I burned a little more than 100 this year; it’s something I can do watching TV.”

“You’ve got to cut it, sand it, trace it, burn it. I can do about five to 10 a night depending on how detailed it is. That’s a few hours,” she said.

When she’s not supporting the family farm’s projects, Cawley works for the Maryland Food Bank.

For the past 10 years, she has overseen the organization’s “Farm to Food Bank Program, which combines field gleanings, donations and contract growing to form the cornerstone of the food bank’s nutrition strategy,” according to

Cawley also creates custom ornaments. She filled a custom order for a friend in South Carolina that included ornaments for a car race enthusiast and a teen softball player.

The stock ornaments come in a variety of designs and sell for $10 each. The farm and shop, which also sells tree stands as well as fresh wreaths and bows is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The farm is open by appointment only Monday through Thursday.

Operating since 1996, the 12-acre farm is located at 24320 Willow Pond Road, Denton. For more information, log onto or call 443-569-8126.

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