Phyllis Frase gets awards

Phyllis Frase gets recognition for her civic efforts in Preston. These include starting the Christmas Parade and the Veterans flags that line the streets. Doug Vandeveer presented a certificate from the town of Preston, and Sen. Addie Eckardt presented a Senatorial citation. In addition to Eckardt, left, Frase, center, is joined by her husband, children and grandchildren.

PRESTON — The Town of Preston recently recognized Phyllis Frase with a certificate of appreciation for her service to the community.

“In the past few years, Phyllis Frase decided to organize two projects for the benefit of the Town Preston, its residents, and surrounding community — the Preston Christmas Parade and the Flags for Veterans,” said Kathleen Barry, who nominated Frase for the honor.

Frase did these things on her own initiative without the financial support of any organization.

“She decided it would be good for Preston and she set about making it happen,” Barry said, adding she was impressed with all Frase had accomplished.

After the town commissioners unanimously decided to recognize Frase, Preston Town Manager Amber Korell sent the information to Sen. Addie Eckardt, who also was impressed and decided to honor her with an official citation.

Commission President Doug Vanderveer presented the award from the town, and Eckardt presented her Senatorial citation.

Frase would be the first to tell you she did not do it alone, her co-workers also deserve a tremendous amount of credit for jobs well done, Barry said. Both Barry and Frase are members of the Lions Club, which pitched in to help out. But without Frase originating the projects, organizing the “troops” and following through, there would not have been a Christmas parade and there would be no veteran flags donning the streets of Preston.

“Each of these projects brought a great deal of favorable attention to the town and enjoyment to its residents,” Barry said.

Four of Barry’s grandsons are featured on the veteran flags, and they told her they have had friends drive through town and then call or text to say they saw their flags.

“I’m sure they are not alone in receiving positive feedback and thanks for their service,” Barry said.

Frase also has been a Preston EMS volunteer for over 40 years.

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