OXFORD — “Piga-figa-licious” is the Oxford Museum’s most important fundraiser.

The event is held annually on Labor Day and marked its eighth year on Monday afternoon at the Oxford fire house. Proceeds will be used for general operating expenses and programs at the museum.

All-you-can-eat roast pork and turkey with all the fixings from Butch Frase, a pig race game called “Pork-ness,” ice cream, high quality wine and liquor, prizes and more set the holiday atmosphere.

The event plays on an ordinance Oxford passed in 1863 which states, “no swine shall be permitted to run at large in the streets of the town of Oxford...”

At that time “Oxford actually put a fence along Oxford Road to stop the wild pigs from coming in, they were overtaking the town,” said Lisa Harrington, Oxford Museum supporter.

“So our slogan is, ‘The Pigs Are Back’,” said Simon Arnstein, Oxford Museum board member and event organizer.

Harrington also said that figs are indigenous plants to Oxford, and a combination of the two inspired “Piga-Figa-Licious.” Figs wrapped in prosciutto were served in the barbecue as a delicacy.

Oxford Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary members Joy Ervin, Judy Evans and Joan Neely made and sold jars of fig jelly and jam to help the cause.

There was a cash bar with beer, wine, White Claw Hard Seltzers, and Bloody Marys; and Highland Creamery Ice Cream.

The Pork-ness pig race was put on periodically throughout the afternoon, drawing bidders as they cheered their “pig” to the finish line. Oxford businesses each sponsored a pig, including Doc’s Sunset Grille, Robert Morris Inn, Scottish Highland Creamery, Campbell’s Boatyards, Strand Neighbors and an anonymous donor.

Founded in 1964, the Oxford Museum is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that provides resources for historical research and supports a variety of programs, activities and exhibits to foster knowledge and appreciation of Oxford’s people and history.

Admission to the museum is free; donations are appreciated.

The Oxford Museum is open late April through mid-November, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sundays 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

It has a collection of more than 2,500 artifacts and memorabilia that represent 350 years of the evolution of Oxford. Exhibits change regularly and periodic lectures and tours are offered.

The Oxford Museum is located 101 S. Morris Street. Visit them online at https://www.oxfordmuseummd.org/ or call 410-226-0191.


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