EASTON — Three members of RAUCH inc. devoted their time and expertise mentoring three students for the Master of Real Estate degree capstone project at the University of Maryland. The final projects are presented to a panel of real estate professionals, who judge each case and award cash prizes. One of the three, Scott Glickman, took home first place honors.

RAUCH inc. President Bob Rauch enjoys the opportunity to mentor the students.

“All of the students we’ve mentored this year and in years past are incredibly talented,” he said. “I am very proud to be a part of this program and particularly pleased Scott’s research and presentation were recognized and honored with the first place prize award for 2019.”

Through the mentorship, the students were guided through the steps to “build” a selected development project on a parcel of land from the ground up. They were required to tackle all aspects of real estate development, from property assessments and financial feasibility to environmental site design and architectural elements.

Rauch said he appreciates the way each of the students brings unique visions to projects on the Shore.

“I gave each of them a piece of the Easton Point property,” he said. “It’s really interesting, without being tied by the local politics and local preferences, to see what they come up with.”

This year, two members of the architectural team at RAUCH inc. provided technical support to the capstone students Rauch mentors. Paul Rogers and Rachael Whiting worked with them to develop their project concepts into competition presentations. They supported the students and helped critique the preparation of the graphic presentation.

Rogers is a lead designer with the RAUCH inc. architecture department, with years of design and project experience. He said he was impressed with how the students they mentored had to tackle their capstone projects from all aspects.

“They have to wear every hat on the developer side,” he said. “They do have Bob as a resource and us as their design team. But in the real world, you have a team or an office supporting it.”

Whiting started working with RAUCH inc. as a 10th-grader at Easton High School. She was involved in the ACE program and has been with the company since while completing her bachelor’s degree in architecture at University of Maryland and now working towards her master’s.

In addition to mentoring students, Rauch serves on the Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development Council of Advisors. He also lectures as an adjunct instructor at the institute on topics of entrepreneurship and real estate development. He stresses the various knowledge needed to his students.

“The emphasis is that you don’t have to know how to design a storm water management system, but you have to know that you need one,” Rauch said. “You have to know what all the elements are and then know who to point to.”

The Colvin Institute honored Rauch in March 2019 for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Real Estate.

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