CENTREVILLE — The Queen Anne’s County High School Future Farmers of America Chapter recently held its end-of-year banquet and installation of officers for next school year. The evening event took place in the school’s cafeteria.

Queen Anne’s County Cooperative Extension Senior Educator/Agent Jenny Rhodes was the guest speaker for the program. Rhodes, a QACHS graduate, proudly wore her own blue FFA high school jacket and said in the beginning of her talk, “It still fits!”

“I grew up here in Centreville,” Rhodes said, “and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful community. Farming has always been part of my life. I started working on the farm at the age of 8. I was a 4-H member and leader.”

“My high school years were much like many of you … working on homecoming floats, being in the National Honor Society and, of course, being a member of QACHS FFA,” she said. “I was proud to wear my FFA jacket, just as I am tonight. I was one of the first female officers … I was the chaplain.”

She stressed the importance of education. “Always try to further your education, whether it is a two-year ag degree at Chesapeake College, a four-year degree or a vocational school,” she said. “Many things will come and go in your life, but no one can ever take away your education.”

Rhodes praised the local FFA chapter’s participation in the successful implementation of the Ag Awareness Day that the county’s agricultural community has put on the past three years at the 4-H Park, helping educate seventh-graders about possible careers in agriculture.

Rhodes said 120 volunteers worked together to host the two-day educational program. She listed the names of the FFA members who participated, whether doing demonstrations or bringing farm animals for the event, and expressed her gratitude.

Rhodes said: “I’m so proud of the members of this FFA chapter and their advisor, Mr. (Brian) Stokes, for all the work they have done …. We plan to continue this educational program and hope to be a model for other counties and regions.”

She also said 38 local agricultural organizations, businesses and groups contributed to Ag Awareness Day.

The program also featured awards given to graduating QACHS FFA seniors, including outgoing FFA President Peter Arnold, Vice President Melyn Rhodes and Reporter Amber Mowery. FFA parent Melinda Rhodes praised QACHS FFA Advisor Brian Stokes for his work and presented him with an FFA quilt. Melinda Rhodes received a Volunteer Appreciation plaque for her continued support of the school’s FFA chapter.

The officers for the 2019-2020 school year were installed. They are President Audrey Karbaum, Vice President William Jarrell, Secretary Brooke Yeager, Treasurer Payton Stamler and Reporter Leslie Moore.

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