Rock Hall signs lease to rent administrative office

The Rock Hall mayor and council voted to approve signing a lease to rent an administrative office Monday, Oct. 4. The office, located at 21447 Rock Hall Ave., will house the town administration employees and police activity.

ROCK HALL — Town administration and police activity are set to move into a new space as soon as Oct. 15.

After several negotiations and discussions during public meetings, the mayor and council voted unanimously to sign the lease at 21447 Rock Hall Ave. at their regular meeting Monday, Oct. 4.

The space will be large enough for the five town administration employees and police department activities.

Obtaining the 18-month lease for $1,200 a month is just phase one of figuring out what to do with the Municipal Building.

The Municipal Building has been closed to the public since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It did not reopen this spring due to structural and environmental concerns, including termite damage and mold.

Town employees have been working remotely for several months because of the building’s unsafe conditions.

The town’s police department moved administrative operations into Rock Hall Elementary School last month.

The police department has been using the Municipal Building for bookings and other activities not allowed in the school.

Those operations will move into the new leased space, Town Manager Bob Resele said in a phone interview Tuesday, Oct. 5.

The Rock Hall branch of the Kent County Public Library is working on moving into a new space on Main Street.

The Rock Hall Museum is still closed to the public. The museum board is searching for a new space for the museum to move into.

Resele said everything in the building needs to be cleaned before it can be moved into a new space. For now, only objects with hard surfaces can be moved as they are easier to clean.

Final approval from the landlord was pending Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Once the lease has been approved by all parties, Resele said town staff will have to get all of their phones, computers and other IT equipment set up before they are able to move in.

Resele said it would probably be close to the end of October by the time everything is set and the public can enter the space.

Meetings will continue to be held in St. John’s Catholic Church Hall with in-person and virtual options for participation.

The building advisory committee will provide an update presentation on the Municipal Building at the next regular mayor and council meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 14.

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